Pressed For Success

Vice-president* Kamala Harris made an ass out of herself again, after refusing to answer a question from MENSA candidate Joy Reid. It’s as if Kamala isn’t qualified for any position where she isn’t prone.

Did Kamala Harris throw Joe Biden under the bus during her interview with Joy Reid on Friday night? It kind of sounded like she did. The vice-president was asked by the MSNBC host of ReidOut if she agreed with Biden’s call for regime change in Russia. Kamala didn’t answer the question.

What happens next is yet another unintelligible word salad from the smartest bi-racial vice-president in American history. I apologize in advance for the next three paragraphs.

‘There are serious consequences for Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression as it relates to Ukraine,’ she continued.

The VP avoided giving a straight answer on her personal opinion of Putin’s continued leadership in Russia, but instead focused on the ‘impacts’ the Biden administration has made toward Russia, including imposing sanctions.

‘Which is why our policy from the beginning has been about ensuring that there are going to be real costs exacted against Russia in the form of severe sanctions, which are having a real impact and immediate impact, not to mention the longer term impact, which is about saying there is going to be consequence and accountability when you commit the kinds of atrocities that he is committing,’ she went on, avoiding answering the question – although she eventually told Reid: ‘We are not into regime change and that is not our policy.’

If that doesn’t scare you, maybe this will. It’s entirely possible this idiot will be out president before 2024.

11 thoughts on “Pressed For Success

  1. “I am smart, I can just wing it.”

    You would think that after having her ass handed to her for the 1,023rd time, she would get a clue. Winging it rarely works even when you are smart, much less a dullard like Harris or your typical criminal mastermind.


  2. You know that she writes her own speeches by putting scrabble letters in a tumbler, spinning it, and a lining up the letters in the order they come out. Call it, “word lottery.”


  3. Mike AKA Proof – And people laughed at Dan Quayle.

    Cathy – She could probably suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

    RD – She has to have speech writers. Read the words, dummy, and you won’t look like a dolt.

    MelP – Pretty sure she should be jettisoned into the bay.

    TXNick – It boggles my mind that someone who was a “prosecutor” could be so terrible with the English language.

    Ronni – Fact check: true.


  4. To be honest she is most likely having a conversation in her head and her answers would make sense if we could hear the other half of the conversation. Then again it could be that the thoughts in her head are bouncing around a large empty echo chamber and she just repeats what bounces around.


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