Wow, This Guy Is All In For Lent

A Cincinnati, Ohio man has decided to walk a different path this Lenten season. Instead of giving up swearing, or sweets, Del Hall has decided to drink nothing but beer for forty days.

Del Hall, a Cincinnati native, has taken the Christian observance of Lent, where people usually give up eating chocolate or drinking soda for about 40 days leading up to Easter, to a whole new level by committing to only drinking beer.

This man is a saint, and we should build many churches in his honor.

As he’s nearing the end of his all-beer diet (Easter is on Sunday, April 17), Hall has somehow lost weight over the last month — 25 pounds to be exact.

“It’s a way to get back into a healthy mindset, to look at food in a healthy way,” Hall told WCPO. “I decided I’m going to turn this into a beer diet to show people that you can use beer in a healthy way and not vilify it as this evil alcohol.”

Wait, he LOST twenty-five pounds drinking beer? “KYLE, BRING ME A SIX-PACK!”

Hall is using his all-beer diet to give back by raising money for the Ken Anderson Alliance, a nonprofit that provides opportunities for adults with disabilities. They’ve raised $5,000 so far this year, and is aiming to raise $25,000 in total by the end of the all-beer diet with a special bar crawl on April 24.

Well, if nothing else, Hall is doing this for the right reasons. Raising money for those with disabilities and following the – albeit unorthodox – Lenten tradition.

12 thoughts on “Wow, This Guy Is All In For Lent

  1. Quite the diet. I had never heard of it until now. Where I come from, if someone consumes nothing but beer all day we call them a drunk or alcoholic.


    1. When I was in college, I did work-study for one of the English professors, Dr. Graham Lee. A wonderful man and a terrific professor. When I turned 21, my friend and I went to the store across the street and had Coors in out hands. The doc stopped us, and said, “What are you doing? It’s like drinking water. Get something with some flavor.” And that’s how I learned to love Guinness.

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  2. A friend once joked he gave up virginity for lent, me I gave up being nice, giving a damn and civility…some said they never noticed.

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