Keep Away From Runaround Bijoux

Meet Beatrice Bijoux, a (former) lawyer from Florida.

Beatrice was having a bad day, so she decided she would run down four people in a local parking lot. You know, because “the voices in her head” told her to do so.

Beatrice Bijoux, 31, was charged with four counts of attempted murder after she allegedly mounted the sidewalk and struck the pedestrians outside a Fort Lauderdale grocery store back in February.

She told cops that “voices in her head had told her to kill the people,” according to an arrest report obtained by the Miami Herald. Bijoux, who was allegedly driving at about 35 mph, made no attempt to slow down during the attack, police said.

At one point, surveillance video showed her “reversing at a high rate of speed” before she allegedly tried to strike another pedestrian. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Now, if I know my video games, Beatrice gets 100 points for striking a pedestrian, and if she strikes five pedestrians, she gets a free life. Not that she’ll ever be free from here on out…

12 thoughts on “Keep Away From Runaround Bijoux

  1. Practicing Law with those voices in her head? The Florida Bar was OK with that, but mow down just one senior citizen?


  2. Having a Flori-Duh posting day? How about posting the screenshot I sent you a few minutes ago alleging the Florida genius that stabbed her husband with a squirrel?

    For the record, I do appreciate the Florida residents for electing Ron Desantis as their governor. That alone makes up for all the weirdness in the state.


  3. RD – The voices helped her pass the bar, silly!

    TXNick – Best governor in America, and I do have friends in Florida who are perfectly normal.


  4. Also, the super duper new mayor of NY is advertising to Floridians that they should move to the rotten apple where they have freedom to say whatever they want (unless they’re city employees that ask him why he’s still trying to force toddlers to wear masks, then they get fired).


  5. Mayor Eric Adams was a NYPD Cop. How bad could he be? (SARCASM)

    Don’t worry he will soon have everyone healthy using a Plant Based Diet, just like he did.


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