More Kabuki Theater In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is now the first major city in America to reimpose mask mandates. Jim Kenney, our drunken jackass mayor, decided he wanted to reign in the citizenry and clamp down on freedom.

Philadelphia will be reimposing its city-wide indoor mask mandate amid an uptick in cases of COVID-19’s omicron BA.2 subvariant, officials announced on Monday.

The mandate will go into effect next Monday, and requires masks inside “schools and childcare settings, businesses, restaurants, and government buildings,” the Philadelphia Department of Public Health said in a statement on social media.

Of course, this mandate would not complete without Führer Kenney releasing his Nazis…

“At that time, residents will be asked to report any business not complying with the mandate to @philly311” the department added.

Trust me when I say this; there will be hundreds of people who will gleefully rat out businesses which are not complying with Kenney’s unconstitutional mandates. They cannot help themselves.

I’ve said it a hundred times, but Philadelphia is the worst city in America.

5 thoughts on “More Kabuki Theater In Philadelphia

  1. Lately, each time I hear the word “mandate,” I find myself picturing Barak and Moochelle going out to dinner and a show.


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