Anchors Away!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is preparing to ship the illegal immigrants F. Joe Biden foisted upon him out of Florida, and is planning to send them to blue states, like Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is planning on transporting any illegal immigrants sent to Florida by the Biden administration out of the state.

According to Newsmax, a spokesperson for DeSantis’ office stated that the transportation for migrants who entered the US illegally out of Florida was included in the governor’s recent budget recommendations. Additionally, the state Legislature’s proposed budget includes $12 million for the Florida Department of Transportation to remove illegal immigrants from the state and relocate them.

Say what you will about “Florida Man,” their politicians are top-notch.

According to the spokesperson, ”…the legislature delivered on this priority, along with many of the governor’s other priorities to protect Floridians from the harmful impacts of the Biden border crisis.”

DeSantis has proposed sending the migrants to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard. However, the governor’s office said that sending them to ”…other ‘progressive’ states whose governors endorse blatant violations of federal immigration law” is also an option.

DeSantis isn’t the only one doing this. Texas Governor Greg Abbott dropped off its first busload of illegals a few blocks from the Capitol on Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Anchors Away!

  1. It makes my day that these governors are sending the illegal immigrants to the liberal states. The dems should have to live with and deal with the consequences of their poor decision making.


  2. Ronni – They are allowing them into the country, so they should take in the illegals.

    Cathy – I agree. Send them to Martha’s Vineyard.


  3. “Say what you will about “Florida Man,” their politicians are top-notch.”

    I happen to know one medical professional who works in a south Florida hospital. She says a lot of the “Florida Man/Woman” stories are actually committed by recent arrivals there. She thinks a lot of stupidity originates outside of her state and just migrates there.

    Is Florida a stupidity magnet?


  4. TXNick,

    Same thing is happening in California, and probably TX, AZ, NM and the South. It is a lot easier being a crazy drug addicted bum someplace where you will not freeze to death 3 months of the year.

    I think the big difference is Florida doesn’t cater to the bums, YET.


  5. Trump threatened this, Desantis and Abbot did it. Awesome.

    I’ll support DeSantis over Trump if it’s a showdown.
    I supported and support Trump, but he’s still a northeast conservative.


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