New York Is Not A Serious City

Just two days after black nationalist Frank James shot twenty-nine people on a New York City subway, useless, feckless Mayor Eric Adams decided to take action. Stupid action, but he did take action.

Students at schools had to shelter in place, New Yorkers were advised to avoid the area and power on some rail lines was temporarily shut down after a person opened fire and shot 10 people inside of a subway car in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

The event has revived conversations about public safety in New York. City departments have previously issued guidance on how to improve safety throughout the city’s transit system.

So Mayor Adams is going to issue tips for not getting murdered on the subway. wow, what a great idea!

NYPD’s tips on subway safety

Wait behind the yellow line on the platform, away from the edge.
Keep a close eye on your personal belongings, especially electronics.
Keep purses in front of you, even if using a shoulder strap.
Keep your wallet tucked away, in a place besides your back pocket.
Avoid falling asleep on the subway.

Now I don’t want to the the sarcastic a-hole here, but I learned all those “tips” by watching a few episodes of Seinfeld. And while these idiotic “tips” are simple common sense, I would suggest you not play Risk on the subway, nor should you insult Ukraine.

7 thoughts on “New York Is Not A Serious City

  1. I read that people who are still braving the subway are clinging to the walls, or as far away from the tracks as they can get.


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