Placing The Bow On The Package

Nevada state troopers had their hands full last week, when a crazed motorist rammed the rear-end of a motorcycle, knocking the cyclist onto the road and continued driving… with the motorcycle dragging behind the vehicle.

According to state police, troopers responded to southbound U.S. 95 near Sunset Road for a crash involving a motorcyclist around 6:45 p.m., April 8.

Witnesses who pulled over to render aid to the motorcyclist told troopers that a man driving recklessly and struck the rear-end of the motorcycle. The Acura continued southbound dragging the motorcycle underneath the car.

That’s not even the most bizarre detail of this story…

Witnesses told troopers that the man driving the Acura ran from the car, and was armed with a bow and arrow, and was shooting the arrows at passing vehicles.

Wow, those Dungeons and Dragons players really take the game seriously.

Troopers, along with Henderson police located the man driving the Acura and placed him into custody without incident. The driver of Acura was identified as Ronnie Macias.

The good news is Macias looks exactly what you’d expect from a man shooting arrows at vehicles.

8 thoughts on “Placing The Bow On The Package

  1. Looks like someone that either had a bit too much meth, or thinks he’s trying out for the live action version of Brave.


  2. MelP – That was on the other day, and Merida is the spitting image of Princess P. But, I’m guessing it’s a little of column A and a little of column B.


  3. Parts of this country are nothing but a hot mess. The crime rate soars and they continue to let people out for some pretty major offenses. We need to start thinning the criminal herd!!


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