Russia Rejected Cease-Fire During Easter

Vladimir Putin and the rest of his Russian stooges rejected a cease-fire during the Eastern Orthodox holy week. The suggestion from the United Nations was to allow civilians to be evacuated from the war zone.

Russia rejected a temporary cease-fire in Ukraine that the United Nations secretary general requested for the purpose of civilian evacuation during the Eastern Orthodox Holy Week leading up to Easter. Russia’s deputy UN ambassador said the cease-fire request was not sincere and would only provide time to arm Ukrainian soldiers.

I am really starting to despise Russia, their dictator, and the people at large. When it’s Putin’s time to meet his Maker, I sincerely hope he has plenty to answer for.

Dmitry Polyanskiy, the deputy ambassador, told the Security Council Tuesday that the cease-fire requests were “insincere, and in practice they merely point to an aspiration to provide Kyiv nationalists breathing room to regroup and receive more drones, more antitank missiles and more MANPADS,” The New York Times reported. “MANPADS” refers to man-portable air-defense systems, smaller and more portable surface-to-air missiles.

“Kyiv nationalists.” You mean the citizens of Kyiv who are only trying to save their country after your pricks invaded their homeland? Go f**k yourself, Polyanskiy.

Whatever you think of this invasion, I believe the Soviets need to be put down like rabid dogs.

6 thoughts on “Russia Rejected Cease-Fire During Easter

  1. In his defense, a cease-fire in most of the world is the geo-political equivalent of ‘Your shoelaces are untied!’
    So that’s actually pretty ethical


  2. “Ethical” has nothing to do with the situation, considering Russia (Putin) abandoned any ethical form of behavior when it (he) attacked a sovereign nation of innocent people with out provocation. Ambassador Polyanskiy merits no ethical consideration in an ethick-less posture.


  3. Veeshir – Probably, but giving civilians a little time to flee would have been nice.

    Mike47 – I stand by my position that I hope Russia is wiped out in this war. I also think Putin is losing his mind, and is so determined to wipe out Ukraine that he is becoming much more unstable.


  4. Of course Putin rejected a cease fire. He is in the middle of a military offensive where he is bombing, shelling, and shooting up the Donbas Region that he is supposedly liberating from the evil Nazi Ukrainians.

    All Putin is doing is turning the Donbas into a devastated wasteland of destroyed farms and villages. Some “Liberation.”

    Stories are that the Kremlin puppet leaders in Luhansk and Donetsk are drafting every Russian speaking Ukrainian male they can into their “independence” armies. They need to, because they are taking so many more casualties since the low level insurrection went hot in February. Other stories report that individual Syrian and Libyan replacement soldiers are being found in Russian units. Like most green troops, they are found by Ukrainians because they are quickly killed or wounded in action.


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