Germans Fleeing To South America

Hordes of German citizens are fleeing their homeland and resettling in South America. No, this is not a repeat from 1945. Apparently, Germans are fleeing fascistic coronavirus mandates as well as the Muslim invasion from the Middle East.

Paraguay is seeing a surge in German migrants, fleeing Islamic migrants in their own country and onerous coronavirus restrictions.

“We have a problem in Germany with Muslims,” said one of the exiles, adding: “Islam and vaccinations are big, big problems in this world.”

The German, named as Michael Schwartz and said to have arrived in Paraguay in November 2021, told the BBC that he had avoided taking coronavirus vaccinations — which the German health minister wants to make compulsory, although there is resistance to the policy in the federal legislature — because there are “many questions” around them, suggesting that “many Paraguayans” share his stance.

It continually puzzles me how German politicians always eventually turn towards fascism. Freedom is not even a notion in Germany anymore, which is why people are leaving.

Stephan Hausen, another German emigrée who arrived in Paraguay with his family in the same month as Schwartz, raised similar concerns, in particular about “continuous” lockdowns which had left him “dumbfounded”.

Most of Western Europe is lost, gone forever. There are some countries – Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary – which are still very free, but those countries are dwindling.

4 thoughts on “Germans Fleeing To South America

  1. They vote for it again and again, and then they are surprised when it happens?
    Doesn’t this sounds exactly like all the NYC drones fleeing to Florida and Texas?


  2. Being discriminated against is worldwide now. When applying for a job, one of the things I have to answer is, “Are you vaccinated?” I always answer truthfully, “I have not joined in the experiment.”

    I’m still looking for a job.

    But I will not comply.


    1. Change it up a little bit, “I am in the vaccine control group.”

      Lately they are asking, “Have you taken all the required boosters?” I have taken all the vaccines ‘I” require.

      I do not see how taking more of the exact same vaccine that did not protect for more than a few months originally will work for any period of time against the now mutated virus that is sickening people that already had the unmutated disease before. Especially as the mutated virus is much less virulent /dangerous than the original.


  3. RD – it does, and these leftists will move from their awful cities and bring their politics with them.

    TXNick – More than a few reputable doctors have said cancer will spike from the vaccines. But hey, at least you can never get Covid if you are vaxxed. Oh wait…


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