Philadelphia Does Not Trust Its Officers

At the beginning of March, the city of Philadelphia decided police officers will be limited when it comes to vehicle stops. The measure was proposed because the city believes officers are stopping too make people of color, despite the fact that high crime areas are mostly in black neighborhoods.

The measure is nearly two months old, but one of our corrupt city council members wants to do more to handcuff patrol officers. In this case, Isaiah Thomas wants “an accountability group” – mostly comprised of anti-cop leftists – to monitor police car stops.

The accountability group was formed by Philadelphia City Councilmember Isaiah Thomas. He said the new regulation limiting police car stops, which became effective in March, needs to be carefully monitored to be sure racial equity occurs while also ensuring public safety.

I have a better idea. How about we send the accountability group to make the car stops for us? They can wear a uniform and everything. Then, when some thug starts shooting at them, they can tell us how violent the city’s streets have become.

The measure, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, is designed to prevent the disproportionately high number of Black drivers being pulled over for things such as broken taillights and about a dozen other traffic violations. (H/T – Mark)

Maybe I’m senile, but when did we vote to have two sets of laws? When did African-Americans get a pass on almost every crime known to man? I swore an oath to the Constitution, and I don’t remember reading that some crimes are a-ok if the perpetrator is a person of color.

This entire measure is ridiculous. If you want to change the laws, put out a ballot measure and let the citizens vote on it. Giving passes to Democrat voters is not only unconstitutional, but also illegal.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Does Not Trust Its Officers

  1. Just keep counting down, Wyatt. BLM and others want to make sure we know it is actually BLMM. Black Lives Matter Most!!


  2. You officers need to start handing out maps to the neighborhoods of the city council members (like the maps to the stars thing out in Hell-ywood). Make sure to put a big red circle around Thomas’ house.


  3. Ronni – It’s amazing how far this city has fallen in two years. I’m surprised the homicides are so low for this time of year.

    MelP – Most of the thugs here revere city council. The left them get away with murder – literally – but cops get watched by leftist activists.


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