Let’s Make Ron DeSantis A King!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill which will birth a state police force to investigate election fraud in their state. The bill will also make ballot harvesting a third-degree felony, with possible jail time for offenders.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed legislation creating a state police force to investigate claims of voter fraud and other election integrity violations. The bill creates a law enforcement agency officially called the “Office of Election Crimes and Security.”

It also revises the frequency with which election officials must maintain voter registration lists – specifically culling deceased individuals – and increases the penalty for ballot harvesting by making it a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

I mean, I’m not gay, but I absolutely love this man.

The legislation – known as SB 524 – also strengthens voter ID requirements.

“Twenty years ago, nobody thought Florida was a prime example of how to conduct elections, but we have become a national leader by running the most secure elections in the country,” DeSantis celebrated.

While this legislation is more than necessary – especially after the fraud during the 2020 election – the sad part is DeSantis is probably the only governor in America with the stones to put forth such a bill.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Make Ron DeSantis A King!

        1. That’s how it should be. It’s distressing to see some Trump supporters hoping that DeSantis will run in 2024. Florida needs him for at least another 4 years. Florida is doing well because of him. Leaving his office too soon could wipe out all he’s accomplished. Who could take his place in a couple of years?
          When I say that Trump needs that 2nd term, they reply that he’s getting too old.
          Say WHAT?
          They said he’ll be crucified all over again.
          You mean it’s stopped?

          The next Republican president will get crucified, no matter who it is. Trump, and his family too, have proven they can weather that storm.

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  1. I like Trump. He has been the greatest person ever to cause people to expose themselves and their true motivations and loyalties. It is like his greatest super-power. Except sometimes the exposure was after they went to work for him and screwed him and the American People.

    President Trump had the ability to pick how many losers and back-stabbing pricks to run his administration? He had a few great choices like Pompeo, Grenell, Navarro, and others. But look at who he just endorsed this month for the PA Senate? Dr. Oz, a proud gun grabbing, pro-Abortion resident of New Freaking Jersey that works in NY Freaking City?

    Really? Dr. OZ?

    Sorry, Donald J. Trump is too old, and makes way too many personnel mistakes. Personnel are Policy, and that is why he screwed up so much when he tried to do good. He was sabotaged by the RINO Establishment, and corrupt glad handers. And with endorsing Dr. Oz, I do not think he has learned his lessons.

    (Yes, I will vote for him if he is the Republican Nominee.)


  2. I don’t know Oz. I’ve never watched him on TV, so I don’t have any feel for him one way or the other.

    “Trump Had Every Reason to Endorse Dr. Oz”
    FTA: “There are no credible MAGA candidates in the Pennsylvania Senate race; this isn’t a potential Jim DeMint versus Oz situation, so Trump really has two choices: Oz or McCormick. … Now consider Trump’s view of Oz. In 2016, when pundits and the press were questioning Trump’s health and ability to serve as president, Oz had him on his TV show and vouched forcefully for Trump’s good health. Even when Oz was baited by the leftist press to attack Trump, he refused. That kind of loyalty goes a long way with Trump.
    Now look at McCormick. He’s spent decades being very consistent on a whole host of fronts, and not in a good way.”



  3. Other provisions to the voter integrity law that should have been added:

    1) Any illegal immigrant caught voting should be jailed, then deported.
    2) Any person convicted of any section of this law should lose their right to vote for ten years and forfeit their right to hold an elective office for life.

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