Scot’s Turf Builder

A drunken Scottish man – wow, is that redundant – was arrested after he berated a flock of sheep and urinated in public during a tartan and plaid bender.

A topless Scots man brought the A9 dual carriageway to a standstill by staggering drunkenly across the road to berate a flock of sheep.

Thomas Degnan hurled abuse at the sheep after collapsing in the central reservation as drivers were forced to swerve or stop to avoid hitting him.

Boy, what a loser. That’s why I always throw insults at rabbits.

The 42-year-old also urinated on the side of a car and then opened the vehicle door and continued to do so onto a nine-year-old boy sitting in the back.

Hmm, in most places, you have to spend extra for that.

Perth Sheriff Court was told that Degnan was so drunk that he had no recollection of the incident or why he decided to target a field full of sheep.

Degnan probably harassed the sheep because their jokes were baaaaad.

13 thoughts on “Scot’s Turf Builder

  1. Ronni – Dude makes my college years seem sane.

    Rudy – Nicely played.

    Cathy – I’m guessing he won’t be a drinker when he gets older.

    MelP – Can’t blame them for having standards.


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