An Early Feel-Good Friday

Seven vehicles exploded on a Moscow street Wednesday, and an ammunition depot was set on fire in Belgorod.

Wednesday night on Kustanayskaya Street in eastern Moscow, social media videos showed a number of cars on fire. Up to seven vehicles were ablaze, as seen in accounts and videos of the incident.

Well, that’s a start. I wonder if this was the work of Ukraine or Russian citizens?

It comes as local authorities in three Russian regions close to Ukraine reported explosions on Wednesday night. An ammunition depot in Belgorod region was reportedly set ablaze.

Suspected attacks from Ukraine were also reported in the Voronezh and Kursk regions.

The despicable POS Putin may win this war, but if nothing else, Ukraine will fight them to the last man.

6 thoughts on “An Early Feel-Good Friday

  1. Putin thought taking over Ukraine was going to be a cakewalk. I am so glad the Ukrainian people and officials are fighting back and catching Putin off guard every so often.


  2. I hate to say it, but I think the Russians managed to blow up about 3 ammo warehouses every year on average. Now that they are moving around both new and old unstable munitions nationwide, they will have lots more chances for Oopsies and Owwies. Especially with Vodka Fueled Russian Forklift drivers smoking cigarettes as they work. Although, What better way to obscure actual sabotage? “Nikolai set the crate down a little hard, and it started smoking. We all ran!”

    It is the Middle of Ramadan, and the beginning of Car-B-Que season world wide. Seven cars is a slow Tuesday in any Paris Suburb. Alternatively: Maybe the instigator was a Chevy Volt? You are supposed to park them outside so they do not burn down your house.


  3. The despicable POS Putin may win this war, but if nothing else, Ukraine will fight them to the last man.

    I think a more accurate description would be, “The despicable POS Putin may win this war, but if nothing else, Deep State Washington DC and Europe will fight them to the last Ukrainian.” Why? There are billions in International Aid to be grifted, grafted, and stolen by Western Politician Families. Just ask Hunter Biden and his old partner, John Kerry’s Stepson; or Mitt Romney’s BFF, Cofer Black. Lots of money to be made when you give tens of billions to corrupt politicians in Ukraine.

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