Feel-Good Friday

While the Swamp is a disgusting cesspool of politicians and lobbyists, there are actually a handful of people in Washington, D.C. who truly care about others.

Take this random Good Samaritan, for example…

Recently, a random act of kindness in the Nation’s Capital inspired a driver to share the video of a Good Samaritan.

It may look like the woman, who was being drenched on the sidewalk, began holding the umbrella over a covered baby stroller, but upon closer inspection, you can see it was someone in a wheelchair holding a newspaper to cover their head.

Not only did the driver go out of his way, the woman used the umbrella to shelter the person in the wheelchair instead of herself.

Okay, maybe this isn’t the most amazing feat you have ever seen, but it really hit home with me. The guy could have stayed in his vehicle while the pedestrians were getting drenched, but he decided to act, and he’s a hero for doing so.

You can see the short video at the link. It’s inspiring.

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