Mrs. Dash

Meet Nicholle Kristine Martin of Spring Hill, Flori-Duh.

This supermodel was stopped by police after she “allegedly” stole a 2021 Toyota Corolla from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

On 04-21-22, just after 10 p.m., the stolen vehicle was spotted traveling northbound on Mariner Boulevard near Carnegie Way in Spring Hill.

Deputies conducted a Traffic Stop on the stolen vehicle at Mariner Boulevard and Monarch Street.

The driver, a female, later identified as Nicholle Kristine Martin, was ordered out of the vehicle and placed in custody. While speaking with deputies, Martin stated, she was simply trying to “do the right thing” this evening and return the vehicle to Enterprise.

Martin should have done the right thing by wearing a mask when out in public. Yeesh! Thankfully, at least one citizen was served – literally – thanks to the sheriff’s deputies.

A search of the vehicle revealed no illegal items; however, deputies did locate a Door Dash delivery that Martin was in the process of delivering when deputies conducted the Traffic Stop.

Deputies ‘did the right thing’ and delivered the Door Dash meal to its rightful owner, who was not only hungry, but fairly close to the location of the stop. (H/T – Al B.)

Nicely done, deputies. Very nicely done.

5 thoughts on “Mrs. Dash

  1. This wasn’t the first time the police in Florida finished a Door Dash Delivery. Say what you want about the state, at least some of the cops there have a heart.


  2. TXNick – We all like picking on Florida Man, but it’s arguably the best state in the union at the moment. Definitely a nice thing to do by the police.


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