It’s Alvernia!

Well, after many college visits, meetings with lacrosse coaches, and researching schools, Erik has decided to commit to Alvernia University in Reading, PA.

Erik applied to many colleges – Alderson Broaddus (WV), Alvernia (PA), Arcadia (PA), Bryn Athyn (PA), Mississippi State, and Wilkes (PA) – and was accepted by every school, mostly because his grades have always been very high. We didn’t visit Mississippi State or Wilkes, but visited every other school. Arcadia was close by, but everyone there used their personal pronouns. That was a deal-breaker for him. Alderson was a little too far for him, and it came down to Bryn Athyn and Alvernia.

In the end, Erik wanted to go away to school, so Alvernia was the best choice. The university is only an hour and a half away from home, so we can get him if he wants to come home for the weekend. We both loved the campus and the atmosphere there, and hopefully he’ll have a much better college experience than Kyle had.

15 thoughts on “It’s Alvernia!

  1. The first one to leave the nest, which means one less one to fight over the bathroom. Congratulations, Dad!


  2. MelP – We disowned him. Kidding, kidding. He applied for a job at an elderly community a few blocks away from our house. Some of his friends work there, and they are hurting for new employees.


  3. Way to go, Erik!
    You may be wondering why so many people are telling you “Way to go”, it’s because I patented the phrase some years back and now I get a kickback every time someone says it!
    Seriously, Way to go!


  4. Alvernia is a really great small college. We lived in Reading for 17 years & knew many people that received under & graduate degrees from the big A. My son played lacrosse @ Slippery Rock.


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