Her Poles Are No Longer Rising

Illegitimate vice-president Kamala Harris is said to be panicking after her approval numbers went down faster than she did on Willie Brown. This empty suit’s poll numbers are worse than F. Joe Biden’s.

Think about that for a moment. Worse than Biden!

One would not think it’d be possible for President Joe Biden to have a higher approval rating than Vice President Kamala Harris, but it’s indeed true. Harris sank to a mere 28 percent rating by the end of Biden’s first year in office.

Authors of “This Will Not Pass,” a 473-page book depicting Biden’s short catastrophic time, as the president told by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burn, reveal that Kamala Harris has been seeking political advice from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough? Ha! Kamala would have been better served by seeking political advice from SpongeBob SquarePants or Barney Fife.

Scarborough, whom former President Donald Trump once labeled a “total but job with bad ratings,” is known for catering to the left’s narrative, and now seemingly spends his time trying to save Harris’ reputation.

In an effort to save her career, “Harris began seeking out advice from beyond her inner circle.”

I doubt Kamala even has an inner circle anymore, since her aides seem to be quitting weeks after they’re hired. The blame, however, falls upon all of you. None of you have set up your vice-president for success, and now her approval is in the dumpster.

Be better, America. Be Better.

11 thoughts on “Her Poles Are No Longer Rising

    1. RG I just looked at the link, and my only thought is she looked like the guy who played Harry Potter but with a bad unibrow that has been plucked and a worse curly wig.

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  1. Jill may hate Kamalala, but Ron Klain loves her. If anyone semi-competent and well liked was Joe’s VP, they would likely be President #47 by now; and the pack of fools called the Biden Administration led by Klain would be out on their asses. No one is trying to oust him, because President Harris would be a world destroying disaster. Likely we will know just how bad a disaster by 2024?

    IMO? If he picked Stacy “Tank” Abrams instead? She is an Authentic African American (TM). Tank, the Congressional Professional Black Caucus, the Progressive (AOC) Wing, and their toadies in the media would have run a Racist, Sexist, Segregationist, and Senile Joe and Jill out of Washington before the Fourth of July last year. Regretfully (sarc) of course, but they would say America deserves better than a racist like Joe.


  2. RG – Her unibrow really turns me on.

    Cathy – I think she’s smarter than Maxine Waters, but dumber than Joy Behar.

    RD – Tank Abrams will cheat her was to Georgia governor, but that’s where it will end. She is entirely too toxic to win the presidency, but qualified for as food taster at Taco Bell.

    TXNick – Nicely done.

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  3. Does the size of the pole really count it’s how you use it right?
    As for Tank becoming GA Gov. I think most in that state are waking up and seeing what letting Dems into an office can cause, I hope she goes down faster than Cackles does

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