Putin’s Next Ship Will Be The S.S. Minnow

Say what you like about the Italians, but if nothing else, they have a giant set of balls. Italian police seized Vladimir Putin’s superyacht shortly before it was about to flee the country.

A giant superyacht said to be owned by Vladimir Putin was set to be seized by Italian authorities after they recommended it be impounded as part of sanctions against Russia.

Authorities in Italy said the $700 million The Scheherazade, which is more than 450ft long, and boasts spas, swimming pools and two helicopter pads was connected to a ‘significant person’ but did not name them.

The Italians are holding the yacht for the foreseeable future. Hopefully until Putin ends this war.

The yacht has been the subject of an investigation by the Italian financial police since the end of March and has been in dock at Marina di Carrara near Pisa since September undergoing a refit.

The late night announcement came after fears grew that The Scheherazde was about to slip away and head to international waters and avoid any possible sanctions.

Almost slipped away, huh Putin? While I respect the Italians for holding the yacht, I would respect them more if they scuttled the yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

5 thoughts on “Putin’s Next Ship Will Be The S.S. Minnow

  1. Gary – I at least assumed they would have a rail gun or three on the bow.

    RD -I wonder how many ships he’s going to lose before he rethinks this entire invasion plan?


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