Remember Cheryl Ladd?

Actress Cheryl Ladd is claiming a Hollywood executive chased her around a desk when she started her acting career. Please, who chases people around a desk?

Cheryl Ladd endured a #MeToo moment early on in her career. The former “Charlie’s Angels” star said the incident, which involved a male Hollywood executive, took place after she moved from South Dakota to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

“I was about 19, and I did get chased around one desk,” the actress recalled to Page Six Tuesday. “I literally ran around the desk and out the door.”

Shenanigans! If this actually happened, I doubt Ladd would have waited fifty-one years to report it.

The 70-year-old didn’t name the exec in question. However, she went on to appear in several hit shows during the early ‘70s, including “The Partridge Family” and “Happy Days.” Her major break came in 1977 when she famously replaced Farrah Fawcett in “Charlie’s Angels.”

So this “incident” occurred fifty-one years ago, and Ladd will not identify the executive? Sounds like someone wants to recapture her fifteen minutes of fame.

11 thoughts on “Remember Cheryl Ladd?

    1. A combination of gravity, botox, collagen & disappointment will do that (have you seen Madonna lately?)


    1. I wonder how many starlets traded “favors” for roles quite willingly. And, if a woman does that, isn’t she as deplorable as the man in such a case?

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      1. I doubt that that many young, starry eyed girls came to Hollywood from Kansas and South Dakota to trade their virginity for a movie contract. However, many of them apparently resigned themselves to the fact that that was the way things were.


        1. Sad. But true I suppose. Power and sex go hand in hand, guess they always will. When I was 19, I had a boss, she was 40, and she gave me a weekend that blew my mind. Was I “victimized”? I would say, no.


  1. TXNick – Likely true, but how many of us look better now than we did in our twenties?

    MelP – Madonna… *shudder*

    Mike AKA Proof – People will do a lot of unsavory things for fame.

    Gatordoug – Far too many probably succumbed to get a role or a position on a movie set, but they likely thought it was worth it at the time. Also, I was always a big Jaclyn Smith fan.


  2. For some reason, I could care less. None of these “MeToo” types do much for me when they tell their stories. I will, however, tell you that almost 50 years ago, I managed to chase my soon to be wife around a desk. I caught her and things worked out. She’s still my best friend and this fall it will be 48 years. Never figured out what she saw in me, but I never complained.


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