F. Joe Biden

This story is almost a week old, but I only heard about it the other day, so I wanted to comment on the issue. Shortly after the leak of the possible overturn of Roe vs. Wade, F. Joe Biden said something stupid again, claiming “the MAGA crowd” was the most extreme political organization in American history.”

We have zero desire to obsess about this prez’s malarkey as much as liberal outlets did over the last guy, but he’s sure making it hard. The latest from President Joe Biden: “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history. Recent American history.”

Not the Ku Klux Klan, not the Weather Underground, but Trump supporters. Imagine condemning half the country because they do not share F. Joe Biden’s views.

For starters, the leaked draft opinion takes great pains to explain why Roe is unique, its reversal is no reason to expect a similar undoing of the gay-marriage ruling and other expansions of Americans’ constitutional rights.

Second, Biden conveniently forgets (or, who knows with him, maybe he really doesn’t recall) that he himself was anti-Roe for at least a decade. “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far,” he told the Washingtonian in 1974. In ’82, he backed a constitutional amendment to undo the decision and let states decide, as the draft ruling prescribes.

Third, how is MAGA anti-gay, when Donald Trump not only literally waved the rainbow flag at the Republican National Convention but as president appointed the highest-ever openly gay official, Richard Grenell?

Let’s be honest; every single Democrat president in my lifetime has hated Republicans to the core, but few of them came right out and admitted it. This dementia-addled moron hates half the country, and he has no problem saying so.

This illegitimate POTUS will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in American history.

9 thoughts on “F. Joe Biden

  1. Part of the problem with dementia is you won’t recall that you lied previously and will state exactly what you are thinking. There is almost no filter any longer. Biden just isn’t capable of hiding his hatred of the GOP at this point.


  2. F. Joe Biden and Peppermint Communist Psaki refused to condemn the protesters harassing the six Supreme Court Justices by protesting in front of the Justice’s homes. Now I heard Associate Justice Alito AND his family had to go into hiding. These are not protests. They are attempting to intimidate the judges into changing their votes BEFORE the Ruling is issued. ” …. with the intent of influencing any judge …”

    This is a direct violation of 18 USC 1507

    If they protested at the homes AFTER the ruling was issued in June? 18 USC 1507 would not apply. Except with the F. Joe Biden administration in charge? They will never be charged anyway.

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  3. Ronni – I’d suggest he hates Americans at large.

    Mike AKA Proof – The James Madison at AOSHQ always tells me James Garfield – the PA president – was worse. Now I’m convinced Biden is worse.

    RG – Yeah, he’s certainly off the hook.

    RD – No, because no one in the corrupt DoJ will prosecute. They’ll remove Habeus Corpus for the J6 crowd, but they’re evil… or something.


  4. But I thought we were just deplorable? How many times do we need to turn the other cheek and be the better person? I am ready to turn the other cheek and break thunderous wind and become the bitter person they will regret pissing off (and I am just a civilian)


    1. Dennis Prager is writing five books about the Bible. I read the first one, and it’s terrific. I have heard Dennis claim the “turn the other cheek” is misrepresented. Jesus never wanted people to sit there and be assaulted, but to understand other people’s rage.


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