Heroes Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Before we begin, I do realize there is a lot of propaganda emanating from Russia and Ukraine during the war. Having said that, this story seems fairly legit. Meet Liza Chernichenko of Komyshuvakha, Ukraine. Liza spent her day driving four people to the local hospital, after they were shot by Russian forces. Liza was shot twice in the legs as she maneuvered though the town, but successfully made it to the hospital.

Oh, did I mention Liza is fifteen years old?

As 15-year-old Liza Chernichenko pressed on the gas pedal while frantically driving through the Donetsk region, she realized she had been shot in both legs, but with four others in the car, including two men bleeding profusely, she kept driving, even as Russian forces continued firing

“There was no fear, there was no shock,” said Chernichenko, who spoke to CBC from her hospital bed in Lviv. “There was just a determination to go forward.”

Liza was probably filled with fear, but the adrenaline likely took over.

Chernichenko, who had planned to hunker down with her godmother and try to wait out the relentless barrage near her community of Komyshuvakha, ended up fleeing after two men were injured in an attack and needed someone to drive them to the hospital.

Chernichenko told CBC that after she heard the shelling attack, she biked from her home to where two men lay injured with shrapnel wounds.

In the commotion that ensued, she decided the men needed to go to the hospital in Bakhmut, a community about an hour’s drive away. One of the injured men had a car that could get them there, but given the fierce fighting nearby, no one wanted to drive. So Chernichenko took the wheel.

I think I would be skeptical if it came from Ukrainian media, but the CBC, for the most part, are fairly balanced. If the story is true, Ukraine should create a statue of Liza in the town square.

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