Buy Yourself A Bicycle

You may want to sit down, because this story may be shocking to you. Our illegitimate president, F. Joe Biden, is now presiding over a new high for American gas prices.

The average price of gas in the United States rose to a new high on Tuesday of $4.37 a gallon, according to AAA.

The record high represents a 17-cent spike since last week and comes just two months after prices climbed in March to the previous high of $4.33 per gallon. The spike also comes despite efforts from the Biden administration to reduce pain at the pump, including calling on oil and gas producers to ramp up production and ordering the release of millions of barrels of oil from the U.S. emergency stockpile.

Man, if only we had a gas pipeline which could run through North America, the United States would be energy independ-. Oh, never mind.

Energy prices overall have risen by about a third over the past year, contributing to the soaring inflation that has dented President Joe Biden’s approval ratings and undercut support for his agenda.

The only bright side of this debacle is that F. Joe Biden in hemorrhaging voters from both sides of the aisle. Sure, our 401k is collapsing, and we’re paying $5 a gallon at the pump, but at least Biden and the Democrats will see a resounding defeat in November.

10 thoughts on “Buy Yourself A Bicycle

  1. The woke mob doesn’t seem to care about any of this. But the dems are losing a lot of their not so left thinking group to either the GOP or independents.


  2. I just looked at the AAA Gas Prices site & California has the highest prices in the US ($5.848 for regular). They’re about 50¢ higher that Hawaii ($5.307)!!! Fricken’ Hawaii, where just about everything has to be shipped in!!!


    1. Oh, and to make things even more fun, I just read that good ole CA is getting ready to add a 3¢ per gallon tax eff 7/1. On top of that, Gov greasy hair is wanting to send everyone in the state that owns a car a $400 debit card. Hmmmm, wonder where that $’s gonna come from, since so many wage earners AND companies are fleeing the state as fast as they can.


  3. Cathy – It’s always Trump’s fault, or Bush’s fault, or Reagan’s fault. It’s never the fault of the sitting “president,” unless the president is a Republican. Wages under Trump jumped $4,000 per year. As of this week, the same wages are under water.

    Ronni – Blacks and Hispanics are fleeing the DNC, and it’s not about abortion, or about OrangeManBad, it’s about Biden’s awful, debilitating economy.

    MelP – It’s amazing how terrible California has become in the last few decades. Wawa – a local convenience store – always had the best gas prices. Last night, they had gas at $4.65. F that!


    1. I just read that FJB is now calling President Trump the “Maga King”. Has a nice ring to it. Wonder how long it’ll take Trump to have a t-shirt available

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  4. Let’s see the New Press Sec. is literally (and yes it does apply) in bed with CNN (her partner is a CNN reporter), Not a conflict it seems but everything to destroy this country is a result of President Trump and the Ultra Maga Party supporters. I thought Obama was the Urkle of the current age wondering if the damage he did was a Did I do That. And yes energy independence, no major wars, the best economy in ages and everyone’s wages go up and costs go down and the black hole we are falling into is the result of that ??? It seems politics in 2022 is telling all the other years to hold its beer. A Garden Gnome could do both better and poll higher than the Howdy Dummy we have.


  5. MelP – The other day he mentioned the GOP’s “Ultra-MAGA Plan” – which isn’t a thing… at all – and said he was going to fight the GOP’s plan to raise taxes on the rich. Hey dummy, that’s from the Democrat playbook, you assclown.

    Gary – Personally, I couldn’t care less if leftists make less money in the next few years. Those morons voted for this, they should own and celebrate their votes.


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