Kamala Harris Is A Very Stupid Person

The White House, for some reason, allowed the “vice-president” to address the ASEAN summit, and as always, she tossed another incoherent word salad. Honestly, how is this woman still employed?

Kamala Harris has become famous for her ability to talk herself in circles while speaking in public. While that tendency could have been dismissed early on as the vice president just having a bad day, her abject vapidness has become a staple of her tenure in the Biden administration.

One of the vice president’s hallmarks in all these instances is the repetition of words. It’s as if Harris is a high school student giving a book report she didn’t study for and is trying to fill space. That happened again on Friday, as the White House hosted the ASEAN summit. And while the transcript is bad enough, take a minute and actually watch the video until the end because it’s so much worse.

Listen to this idiot below and see if you understand what she is saying. It’s only 38 seconds.

The woman simply repeats herself over and over, hoping her audience will ignore her rambling. I remember people trashing Dan Quayle for misspelling potato which is nothing compared to this.

In a 22-second span, Harris used the word “work” five different times to describe nations working together, never advancing her thought, even moving to synonyms like “galvanize” to again say the same thing she’d already said multiple times. Never have so many words led to so little substance, and to listen to her is to participate in an act of self-torture. It’s enough to make Joe Biden, perhaps the most senile man to ever serve in the presidency, green with envy at Harris’ ability to say everything and absolutely nothing at the same time.

You can argue there were worse vice-presidents than Kamala, but I doubt you can find a VP dumber than this woman. Even VP Joe Biden was better than this stupid bint.


10 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Is A Very Stupid Person

  1. I know this isn’t realistic, but for the last 20 years or so I’ve wondered if we wouldn’t be better off with a national lottery (every adult eligible) for all of our ‘elected’ leaders……it certainly would not be any worse than what we are experiencing now. I’d like to see Wyatts’ face when he got the notification he had been selected to be the president for the next four years.

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  2. It’s tempting to call her the dumbest Vice President ever till you remember that F Joe Biden is also a candidate for that position. Of course he’s had 40 years to build his portfolio of dumb assery and she’s making a hellava run for the top spot.


  3. RD – Well, the country is almost completely destroyed. Why not a woman of color to finish it off?

    Dalek – I’d lose my mind, but I would demand term limits, because they are so sorely needed.

    Mike AKA Proof – She would have guitar concerts every evening after dinner for free.

    Clay – I think she’s worse than Biden. Barely. I have no idea how she was ever elected to ANY office.


  4. How’d she get elected? Well,

    1) Willie Brown helped her
    2) She’s a “POC”
    3) She’s from the Bay Area
    4) She kept a lot of people in jail that shouldn’t have been there, so she got free labor in certain areas via chain gangs
    5) She’s female
    6) She’s a D

    And did I mention that she’s a female POC? CA & the D’s love their “firsts”


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