Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

I usually go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Friday was overwhelmed with pouring rain, so I decided to skip the day. To make up for the day off, I decided to take a four-mile walk Sunday afternoon, and I immediately regretted my error.

Almost one year ago today, groups of Palestinian thugs took to the streets of Philadelphia to protest the “massacre” of Palestinians by the Israelis. If they had simply marched through the streets, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, after the protests, Pali-friendly clowns decided to start harassing, threatening, and assaulting Jewish residents – or people they thought were Jews.

Naturally, our mayor did nothing to quell the violence, because Islamist thugs are Mayor Kenney’s best friends. One year later, little has changed.

So I’m walking Sunday afternoon along a busy thoroughfare, listening to music, when I hear a vehicle convoy blaring their horns as they drive down the road. I turn around and every car and truck is waving a Palestinian flag and shouting at people as they drive by.

My neighborhood is populated with Russians, Ukrainians, and Jewish residents, which is why these terrorist thugs drove on that specific road. They did it to send a message, and that message was this; the unprovoked attacks will continue.

It was just a small gesture, but I did at least give them the finger and called them terrorist a-holes.

8 thoughts on “Philadelphia Is A Garbage City

  1. I do hope the “enlightened” city officials allow you to carry a sidearm while off duty. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.

    At least in Texas we can (FINALLY) carry a means of protection without having to beg some government official. I had someone ask me if I carried often. I replied, “If you see me outside my home, I am carrying. If you see me inside my home, I have a gun within reach.”

    Bad guys are everywhere, and we live in interesting times.

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  2. Orca – It’s all I had at that moment. Bastards don’t even live in the neighborhood, but Allah forbid someone verbally attacks THEM.

    TXNick – They do. I can carry anywhere in PA at any time. I obviously didn’t carry to Erik’s college recruit days. Probably a faux pas.


  3. Any moving violations you could have reported? Be a shame if a ticket wound up raising their insurance rates.


    1. While coming home from work Tuesday, a guy tried to cut me off and drove through two red lights. I pulled alongside him, showed him the badge, and said your tickets will arrive by week’s end.

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