That Stunt Took A Lot Of Balls

So, I started playing golf when I was eighteen years old. My high school friends and I would hit the links a few times a month, and would go on a golf trip once a year. I was never very good, but I loved playing the game on a beautiful course.

Other people would rather skip the course fees and golf somewhere… else.

Jose and Katherine Rodriguez live in Fort Myers but travel around the country documenting the everyday for their YouTube channel, “SouthernLife.” The duo was driving down the interstate Friday afternoon during rush hour when their dash cam captured something they haven’t seen before on the side of the road.

“We see this guy on the side of the road literally having a full golf game,” Jose says. “This is like Tiger Woods junior out there, he was doing his thing.”

The dash cam video shows a car pulled to the side of the road and a man in a black polo taking practice swings in the grass just off the interstate.

Interesting. I never considering hitting some golf balls into interstate traffic, but imagine the wrecks I could have caused! Oh well, wasted opportunities.

You absolutely need to see the video at the link of the couple who recorded the golfer. Trust me when I tell you this. You will not regret it.

7 thoughts on “That Stunt Took A Lot Of Balls

  1. Okay. I have decided that me & my dog will be taking longer walks. Also bagged up the cookies I just made & will give them to the neighbors.
    That is a serious golfer to start hitting balls on the side of a road.


  2. I never got into cow pasture pool. But from what I have observed, I believe most players are indeed a classy bunch. (Most players. Don’t get me started on Tiger.)

    And the beginning of “Honeysuckle Rose” had Willie Nelson swatting golf balls in a cow pasture and having one of his band members sending them back. (I had to be specific on what kind of balls there.)

    To each his own, I suppose.


  3. Cathy – I love golf, but I don’t hut balls into the neighbor’s property… or through their windows.

    TXNick = Tin Cup is a pretty good golf film. Costner is in it. Pretty funny.


  4. I was hoping to hear state troopers arrested the golfer, or at least stopped him. Did anyone call 911?


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