Buckle Your Seat Belts…

Meet Angela Davis of Summerfield, Florida.

Angela is a very devoted wife, so when she caught her husband yankin’ his doodle, it’s a dandy while watching an adult film, she decided to belt him.

Angela Davis, 30, was arrested Tuesday morning following a confrontation with the 51-year-old victim at their home in Summerfield.

Davis’s husband told cops that he had “gotten into a altercation” with her after she interrupted his pleasure session. The victim said Davis “became angry and asked to see his phone,” and that he complied with her request.

For the record, Angela’s husband is twenty-one years older than her, so maybe Davis has other problems besides anger issues.

After Davis “discovered some sort of communication between the victim and someone on the website Reddit,” police reported, a “verbal altercation ensued.”

The dispute subsequently turned violent, cops charge, after Davis “wrapped a leather belt with a large metal buckle around her fist.” The victim told cops that when he took out his phone to dial 911, Davis knocked the device from his hands and struck him several times with the belt on his arms and back.

One wonders if Davis started to chuckle when she used the buckle, but not the knuckle.

6 thoughts on “Buckle Your Seat Belts…

  1. I have two friends who are now divorced because their husbands (at the time) were more interested in porn than being with them.


  2. Ronni – I can see her being angry. Why would you watch that when there is a real, live woman in the house? She’s young and she’d be pretty with some makeup, but mug shots are never pretty.


  3. She caught him whacking off and decided to help with a few whacks of her own. Can’t beat this for coming too soon.


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