FDA Head Lies About Formula Shortage

You have likely never heard his name, but Robert Califf is the current Food and Drug Administration commissioner. Califf is the person solely responsible for the nation’s baby formula shortage, and during an appearance on Fake News CNN, Califf lied his way through the entire interview.

Despite his agency shutting down the nation’s largest baby formula factory for months, the head of the Food and Drug Administration on Monday blamed a “distribution problem” for empty store shelves across the US, as lawmakers fumed about a lackluster federal response to the crisis.

So the head of the FDA states there is no baby formula shortage; you just cannot find formula on store shelves. Holy cripes, these people are absolute morons.

“I don’t want this to sound in any way like we’re not concerned about the parents that are struggling to find formula for their children,” FDA Commissioner Robert Califf said on CNN. “That’s definitely happening in parts of the country. But you know, the number of stock on shelves is about 90% before … the recall, and it dropped to about 79% at its lowest, and we’re on the way back up now.”

Hey, that’s swell. How many American infants have suffered while you closed the factory down?

Califf insisted that “there is formula out there” and blamed the shortages on a February recall by supplier Abbott Nutrition of name-brand formulas produced at its plant in Sturgis, Mich.

Califf shut down the largest formula factory for months, then claims they are very concerned that American children cannot get the formula – despite shipping formula to illegals – while blaming the factory this a-hole shut down? Does that make any sense at all?

Honestly, every single person in this administration is completely incompetent.

3 thoughts on “FDA Head Lies About Formula Shortage

  1. It is a distribution problem. The Abbott Sturgis Baby Formula Plant stopped distributing Baby Formula. It is hard to distribute something you are not making.


  2. MelP – I always she was a dumb person and a terrible actress, but she is completely off her trolley.

    RD – FDA shut them down, but I’m sure the factory slow-rolled the shipments as well. What do they care? The FDA and the factory are still getting paid.


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