Pump Up The Gas, Pump Up The Gas…

Meet Yasmany Gonzalez Morejon of Flori-Duh.

Yasmany, if that is his real name, was low on fuel, so he stopped at the nearest gas station to fill up the tank. Unfortunately for Yasmany, he decided to pump the gas into the bed of his pickup truck. This guy is wicked smaht.

A Florida gas station employee called the police after they spotted a man with temporary Texas tags pumping gas into the back of his pickup instead of his vehicle.

The arrest report said the officer treated the incident as “high risk” because “Texas temp tags are widely used to mask criminal activity to include stolen vehicles.”

Morejon was detained while the officer inspected the vehicle. The officer found a large metallic gas tank that included a gas pump nozzle in the pickup bed concealed by a cover. The cover had a cutout to access the tank externally.

While placing a large gas tank into the truck bed is pretty ingenious, Yasmany apparently didn’t realize pumping gas for five to ten minutes would seem… suspicious.

If this moron had a functioning cerebellum, he would have cut out a hole in the side panel, attached the tank to the hole, and pretend that was the gas tank.

Come on, guy, use your brain!

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