A Terrible Miscarriage Of Justice!

Meet the delicious Shelby Coniglio. Shelby was a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, who lost her job after she was arrested for driving under the influence. Personally, I think she is innocent.

Shelby Coniglio, 26, was arrested on Tuesday in St. Petersburg. According to officers, Coniglio had an odor of an alcohol on her breath, slurred speech, blank expression, bloodshot/glassy eyes and she was unsteady on her feet.

Oh please, it’s pollen season, and she was likely having an allergy attack.

Coniglio agreed to perform field sobriety tests, but performed poorly on them.

Yeah, like anyone can recite the alphabet backwards.

According to an arrest report, Coniglio’s employment was immediately terminated following the arrest, which is consistent with Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office policy.

Well, Pinellas County’s loss is my gain. Shelby, give me a call; I could use an understudy at my desk, and you fit the bill perfectly.

By the way, unlike Humaira Asghar, Shelby should not be convicted, let alone be charged because… well, I mean, look how hot she is!


11 thoughts on “A Terrible Miscarriage Of Justice!

  1. Surprised they canned her before her conviction, and I wonder if this was her first documented Alcohol Problem?


  2. Wyatt, that understudy position…. is it under your desk like Dollar Bill Clinton’s was?

    And yep, screen door in a hurricane material there.


  3. Rudy – I can show her my cuffs. Not a lot of pretty cops in Philly, but apparently Florida does. Maybe I can transfer?

    RD – I thought the same thing. Philly usually gives 30 days when intent to dismiss, and that’s after charging.

    TXNick – She’s gorgeous. Shame she ruined her career, but hey, who among us hasn’t done some6we regret?


  4. Maybe she should claim some disability or identify as trans sober and sue them for millions.
    And yes until she walks bowlegged


  5. When my son Erik was in his late teens, he lived with a family who had a developmentally disabled boy about Erik’s age. The boy’s brain was fine, but he really couldn’t do anything except make sounds. To communicate with him, Erik quickly learned how to skip the alphabet forwards and backwards. The boy would grunt at each correct letter. One night Erik was stopped by a policeman who thought Erik was drunk. He was, but because he could recite the alphabet backwards without skipping a beat, the officer decided he was fine and let him go. That was a long time ago, so I can smile now.

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