Not A Smidgen Of Corruption

You may have missed this yesterday, but the Hunter Biden/Burimsa Holdings pay-for-access scandal was swept under the rug. The Biden administration decided to close the investigation and exonerate the “president’s” son.

Beltway PR firm Blue Star Strategies had been under investigation for its work for Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas company that had Hunter Biden on its board of directors. Biden’s work for Burisma has raised conflict of interest concerns, since the partnership began when his father was the Obama administration’s chief negotiator with Ukraine. The younger Biden facilitated a consulting deal for Blue Star Strategies in late 2015 to help Burisma burnish its image with U.S. government officials. Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, was the subject of a bribery investigation at the time.

F. Joe Biden is on tape claiming he demanded the Ukraine prosecutor fired when he started looking into Hunter and Burisma’s payoffs. The prosecutor was fired shortly thereafter. Hunter himself never denied he was being paid millions to work for Burisma, despite he never did any actually work.

The end of the Blue Star probe is a positive development for Hunter Biden, who is under investigation over his tax affairs, foreign business dealings, and possible foreign agent activity. The probe has caused a political headache for the White House, which has dodged questions about President Joe Biden’s knowledge of his son’s business dealings. Congressional Republicans have said they plan to reignite investigations into Hunter Biden’s work if they retake control of the House and Senate.

Yeah, sure they will. They’ll hem and haw and decided this “is not who we are” and these corrupt bastards will walk… as they always do.

Prosecutors informed an attorney for Blue Star Strategies that they plan to close the investigation, the Washington Post reported. The attorney, former Obama DOJ official Peter Kadzik, said that prosecutors found no wrongdoing on the part of Blue Star, which was founded by former Clinton administration officials Sally Painter and Karen Tramontano.

It’s almost as if the Biden administration is utterly corrupt and dismissed this entire investigation because Hunter’s daddy “runs the country.”

There are two sets of laws in America, and it’s high time we realize that.

6 thoughts on “Not A Smidgen Of Corruption

  1. I wish I could get a job that pays me $30k a month to not show up. But then I remember the George Carlin line, It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.


  2. You know why all the democrats and rinos are supporting Ukraine during Putin’s war? That’s where all their dirty money is laundered.


  3. Shouldn’t it be Not a smidgen of honesty? Because there is more than a smidgen of corruption I think they can see it using the Mars Rovers, Voyager I and II


  4. TXNick – It’s where our money is going as well. As if we don’t have problems here.

    Gary – Obama said that about his administration, which is why I use it when the Democrats do something illegal.

    Doc – I’d like to think we can get America back, but I’m not confident.


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