This Story Is Peak Flori-Duh

A Florida woman was arrested after leading police on a vehicle pursuit, striking a police motorcycle, and then… throwing a snake at a deputy. All in a day’s work in Flori-Duh.

A woman is accused of throwing a snake at a Florida deputy after leading authorities on a pursuit that ended in a crash. Deputies said the woman was arrested after she fled from a traffic stop, then intentionally hit an MCSO Motorcycle Unit.

Moments later, the woman lead deputies on a pursuit that ended after the woman hit another patrol car and a truck carrying three people. When the deputy approached the woman, she threw a snake at him.

Thankfully it was a woman, because Florida Man would have thrown a different kind of snake.

Many thanks to the Pirate’s Cove for the link.

6 thoughts on “This Story Is Peak Flori-Duh

  1. Saw this on another site. Her pictures makes me think the reason she did not stop was because she was afraid she would scare them.


  2. Cathy – Why is is you never see supermodels in these Florida stories?

    TXNick – By drinking at said bar.

    Gary – The officers’ anacondas also wanted no part of her.


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