Ride Into The Noisy Zone…

Ah Delaware, don’t you ever change.

The Dover, Delaware Police Department has been getting calls from residents… complaining about the jet noise… emanating from Dover Air Force Base.

People call the police about the darnedest things. For example, cops in rural Maine have to pull cars out of ditches every first snowfall of the season despite Maine being one of the most snowy states on the East Coast. Likewise, police in Dover, Delaware still get calls about jet noise despite Dover being home to the military’s largest airport.

“You live in Dover … there’s an Air Force Base here,” wrote the Dover Police Department in a Facebook post on Thursday which was later shared by the popular Facebook page Air Force amn/nco/snco.

My home is two blocks from a small airport in Philadelphia. Lear jets, small planes, helicopters, and the occasional Osprey fly right over our house, all day, every day. We knew that when we purchased the house, and while it’s sometimes annoying, we never called the police about it.

“We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not call the police department or 911 about the jet noise” from the air show, the police department wrote. “It is a complete waste of our resources and you are potentially putting people at risk who really need help.”

Agreed. Your insignificant noise pollution call could reroute officers to your home instead of to F. Joe Biden’s residence. Joe always needs help dressing himself, tying his loafers, and cleaning his shorts after he has another bowel accident.

9 thoughts on “Ride Into The Noisy Zone…

  1. We live across the road from a small airport, too. No commercial flights, no jets, although helicopters have been known to land there. Most of the traffic are private planes. It’s not loud unless they fly really low. The choppers can be really loud because we live in a valley and the sound bounces off the surrounding hills.


  2. Kitty – We usually head to the Outer Banks in the summer, and the best part is driving down Delaware’s Route 13 and hoping to see some fighters or cargo planes.


    1. I took the 6-y-o to see the PG movie SONIC 2. The movie was loud and long. But she was really interested in this preview for the new TOP GUN movie. She was transfixed by all the flight maneuvers. She kept saying, “This is so COOL!” She’s 6 years old.


  3. “People call the police about the darnedest things. For example, cops in rural Maine have to pull cars out of ditches every first snowfall of the season despite Maine being one of the most snowy states on the East Coast… ”

    Back in 2009, there were three or four blizzards in central PA. I was on a job there, and assisted several people that had gotten stuck in snow banks during those days. (I had just bought my “Little Red Wagon” and was pulling folks out of the ditches.)

    I was assisting a pull one day, while another gent in a pickup actually did the tow, and I was blocking traffic for him when I noticed a Sheriff blocking traffic for me. The other gent got the car out of the snowbank, and after they drove away, I was expecting the cop to cite me for something. I looked, he waved, and I waved back, hopped in my Jeep, and had a warm feeling for humanity in my soul as I drove away.

    Some really good people in Pa. May God bless them all.


  4. Around here it’s people who move into an area that has had an airport since long before some of them were born, buy a house nearby move in, and then start complaining. Small airports I can understand as they are hard to find if you don’t know they are there but some of these wastes of oxygen are complaining about National and Dulles Airports.


  5. An Osprey must about shake the house apart.
    I lived near the Potomac in Alexandria, VA and they’d cruise down once in a while. If their props are turned up, it’s LOUD and deep.

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    1. My daughter was stationed at Cherry Point. Harriers and Ospreys are both super loud when we were trying to sleep in on West Coast time during visits.


  6. Gary – I lived in the house for a few months before we were married. The first week, a Lear jet flew right over the house, loud as hell. It was about midnight. Jumped out of bed because I thought it was going to hit the house. twenty-five years later, I barely notice them.

    Veeshir – Once a year, we get F-18 Hornets over the house as they prepare for the fly-by at the Eagles – blech – opener. They’re about the same as the Osprey as far as noise. The kids always run outside the see the Osprey when it flies over because they think it looks cool.

    Ingineer – Yeah, for the most part, they only fly over during the day.


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