True Detective Stories

So I started night work on Saturday, and while I only walked into a handful of jobs, there was one specific report which caught my eye.

You see, when you work in a large police division, it takes a while to figure out how to properly pronounce the street names. In my division, there is a Bouvier Street. I assumed the French pronunciation, but the locals call it “Boo-veer” for some idiotic reason.

Anyway, a rookie female officer was on patrol when she was assigned a domestic assault. The officer arrived at the location, completed the report, and sent the report to the division. The incident happened on Nedro Avenue.

While reading the report, I immediately looked at the location. The officer reported the incident occurred at Negro Avenue.

Yeah, someone’s getting a talking to this week.

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. I hope you had that blatant example of systematic racism corrected before it got released to the World. This racist aggression exemplifies the racist, sexist homophobic bias inherent in the patriarchal white supremacist police departments in the entire revanchist white male Christian United States! /sarc

    Does she have possibly have Auto-Cucumber enabled on her computer?

    Apropos of nothing at all, what is the demographic makeup of Nedro Avenue and its surrounding environs?


  2. This reminds me of when I went into a sandwich & bakery shop (30+ years ago) to pick up some pies & a large Doctor Pepper…except I mis pronounced Pepper as Pecker. They NEVER let me live that down, even when they changed to Mr Pibb.


  3. RD – We have computers in the patrol cars, but we still handwrite the reports. Philly is still trapped in the 50’s.

    MelP – Unpopular opinion: Mr. Pibb is galactically better than Doctor Pepper.


  4. Are the Silly Juvenile Wimps banning Negros Island next? (It is part of the Philippines.)

    And while they are banning words, what about bigger, chigger, digger, figger, jigger, rigger, tigger, & vigor?


    1. Here in California they are again considering renaming Negro Bar on the American River. It was named that because that is where African Americans mined for gold during the Gold Rush. Last time the do gooders tried to rename it, the black community stopped it. Who knows now days.


  5. I had the same question “RD” had, but I saw you answered it. I’ve had my episodes with Spellcheck, but I once read a hand-written report that said a victim was “raped in her virginia.” I don’t think even Spellcheck could screw up that bad. (If you decide this comment is too graphic to publish, I’ll understand.)


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