You’ll Need A New Summer Getaway Now

Former Soviet KGB agent and man about town Vladimir Putin has banned nearly one thousand Americans and Canadians from entering Russia. Wow, Soviet Disney World is going to take a big loss this year. I was quite excited to ride the Gulag Falls.

Russia said on Saturday it had so far banned 963 Americans from entering the country – including previously announced moves against President Joe Biden and other top officials – and would continue to retaliate against what it called hostile U.S. actions.

Putin banned Biden, which is hilarious since F. Joe thought he was banned from Prussia.

The largely symbolic travel bans form part of a downward spiral in Russia’s relations with the West since its Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, which prompted Washington and its allies to impose drastic sanctions on Moscow and step up arms supplies to Ukraine.

Separately, the Foreign Ministry said it had added 26 new names to a list of Canadians it has barred from travelling to Russia, including defence chiefs, defence industry executives and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Yeah, I’m sure they’re shaking in their boots. I know for a fact the Trudeau family was looking to spend the summer months in Utopian Russia, waiting in food lines for borscht, toilet paper, and soap.

5 thoughts on “You’ll Need A New Summer Getaway Now

  1. I was reading that a lot of people are saying that President Trump isn’t on the list & others are coming back & saying Obama isn’t, either.

    Then there’s the idiots that are claiming that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine when Trump was president because Trump was too dumb (snort) & weak (double short) to do anything, so he waited until the smarter & strong FJB was in office (oh, my poor sides are killing me now) to do it. Seriously???


  2. TXNick – I would probably go there to see some of the fabulous babes, but that gets old really fast.

    RD – Definitely bangable, but she let Justin into her female cave. Hard pass.

    Mike AKA Proof – I wish we could ban Meathead from America.

    MelP – It took a while to find an article that didn’t mention Trump, as if he and Putin are best buddies. I love how he broke the media’s collective – tiny – brain.

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