Julia… In Concert!

So Julia’s Spring Band Concert was held at her school Thursday, and for the first time in – well, years – I was able to attend. Julia continued the tradition of Kyle and Erik, who both played for the school band. Kyle played trombone and Erik played drums.

Julia followed Erik with drums, and she is rather good at it.

It’s amazing how she can juggle so many activities – band, karate, dance, teaching herself to play guitar – and be pretty impressive at them all.

Princess P was very happy that I was able to attend, and she played out of her mind. Besides drums, she also played the triangle and the cymbal.

The band played four songs, including the Jurassic Park theme and Danny Boy. I posted the other two songs below, because she liked how she played the drum better than the others.

The first is the Russian Dance from The Nutcracker…

The next one is entitled Infinity…

I’m very proud of Princess P. She did a terrific job.


8 thoughts on “Julia… In Concert!

  1. Kitty – I’ve missed a bunch of her concerts because of work, so she was very happy I was able to make this one. She really has talent.

    Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the full school name. The school is named after Mary, aand the logo is Mary holding Jesus after his birth.

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  2. Ronni – She signed up for the talent show at the end of the month. Playing guitar to “This Is How You Remind Me” by Nickelback.

    Rudy – Thanks. The girl is good at everything when it comes to music.

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