England Gets Its Re-Henge

British archeologists have discovered a stone circle in Cornwall, England. The site is in Innis Downs near the Luxulyan River. Castilly Henge is approximately 3,000 years old.

Archaeologists from the Cornwall Archaeology Unit have discovered the remains of a stone circle in the Castilly Henge, located in Cornwall, England.

Initial excavations were undertaken in 1954 and in 1962 which interpreted the site as a Class I henge built in sections, although very few finds were discovered except for flint flakes and medieval pottery.

Rumor has it Queen Elizabeth would head there for Royal keggers and a game of “Pinch the Bottom.”

The Castilly Henge was constructed around 3,000 to 2500 BC, defined by an external bank and internal ditch that formed an amphitheatre-style setting. The bank has been partially cut by a hedge, and the ditch is largely preserved as a buried feature.

During the medieval period, the henge was repurposed as a “playing place”, an early form of outdoor theatre used for plays and various social, religious and political events.

Definitely an amazing find, and hopefully, this will provide insight into Britain’s ancient history.

By the way, I would have written what I think this stone circle looks like, but I’m too busy giggling.


11 thoughts on “England Gets Its Re-Henge

  1. My guess would be the locals of the time were enticing UFOs to land and play whoopie with them. “Beam me up, Scotty” would take on a whole new meaning.

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  2. I bet they made it to look just the way you think.
    Their goddesses were pretty slutty back then. Mostly redheads too.
    Youlda loved it.
    Except for the no bathing part.


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