F. Joe Biden Sticks It To Cops Again

F. Joe Biden, the dementia-addled illegitimate “president,” will sign yet another executive order today to curb policing throughout the nation. Biden will sign the measure today, on the two-year anniversary of Saint George Floyd, who totally didn’t die of a fentanyl and methamphetamine overdose.

Biden will order the creation of a national registry of cops fired for misconduct and establish policies to incentivize local governments to restrict chokeholds and no-knock warrants. He also will restrict the transfer of surplus military gear to cops, the New York Times reported.

Hey, that’s swell. I actually agree with this, but the measure makes no sense. If the officer is fired for just cause, it’s not like some other department will snap him or her up.

The idea of a “bad officer” registry comes from a stalled Democratic police reform bill while the notion of incentivizing, rather than ordering, local use of force reform comes from a rival Republican bill.

Most people hate our guts already, there is a 43% rise in officers being shot since 2021, and this asshole is naming it the “bad officer registry.”

Also, if you voted for Biden, please don’t come back here.

The restrictions on transfers of military equipment appear to be a resurrection of former President Barack Obama’s 2015 freeze of the Pentagon’s 1033 supplies transfer program following racial unrest in Ferguson, Mo. That policy upset police advocates but was supported by libertarians including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

Now, I’m not a smart man, but for crying out loud, if you don’t even know where the “military equipment” comes from, maybe you should STFU. The armored vehicles some big cities possess are built by civilians. They are not lent to us by the U.S. Army. If the “president” doesn’t know this, then there’s a real problem.

Biden also will order federal agencies to revise their use of force policies, the Times reported.

Our new police commissioner has revised our use of force policies maybe, four or five times since she got here in 2020? Biden can whine about use of force all he likes, but revising policy does almost nothing. They change a few words and call it a revision, while the policy is usually untouched.

Look, if I’m going to be honest and frank with you, most police officers – especially those in big, blue cities – stopped caring during the Saint George Floyd riots. Many officers were on the street, being assaulted, struck by cars, shot, etc. and the bosses never had our backs. Ever. Hell, our “commissioner” was hiding in her office while the city was burning. She. Never. Left. Her. Office.

At 5pm every day, a teletype comes down from HQ, and there is a list of people retiring or simply resigning. We average two to three officers resigning every single day. (On Monday three resigned.)

The officers and detectives in my division still do the job, but no one – and I mean, no one – is going above and beyond. The cops answer the radio calls and back each other up. The detectives take an interview, type out a report, and that’s about it.

I’d like to give y’all some advice. This is going to get much worse before it gets better. Big blue departments are firing cops for the slightest infractions, morale has never been worse in my twenty-eight years on the job.

Considering the abuse we get from the government, the state, and the city, eventually the cops will completely stop caring. When that happens, it’s everyone for themselves.

Prepare for the worst, keep your family safe, and for the love of God arm yourselves.

5 thoughts on “F. Joe Biden Sticks It To Cops Again

  1. Please I live literally right next to DC and Baltimore is just up the road it’s not the cities that scare me it’s the people. The funny thing is almost all of FJB’s executive orders could be removed by the next president.


  2. What’s with these modern “saints”? These days to be a Saint all you have to do is be a person of color who resists the police and gets killed. In the old days, you had to have Three Miracles attributed to you.


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