Of Course It Was Alabama!

A couple from Mobile, Alabama purchased a helicopter from Florida Man, as the couple are both Coast Guard pilots. The only problem was, what would they do with it? Their answer was pretty great.

Maggie Morgan and [Blake] Morris are both helicopter pilots in the U.S. Coast Guard in Mobile. They decided why not, why not buy the main body of a helicopter from a man in Florida in 2020. But they weren’t sure what to do with it at first.

“Eventually came around to the idea, that oh maybe I can turn that into a camper. I asked Maggie and luckily she was very supportive. I was expecting her to say I was crazy, but she actually said that’s a great idea,” Morris said.

You gotta admit, turning a helicopter into a camper is an interesting idea.

They then began the camper conversion, but there was some specials requests from Maggie about the cockpit.

“I wanted to be able to come out and sit and drink my coffee and look out of the windows of the helicopter while we camped,” Morgan said.

The only thing they’re missing is an M-60 machine gun… you know, for bears and such.

5 thoughts on “Of Course It Was Alabama!

  1. Now that is something I would do if I still had extra money laying about. It would impress the neighbors, fellow campers, and scare the poop out of the squirrels in the campgrounds. Win, win, win!


  2. TXNick – The only thing to make it better is a paint job for the chopper. Otherwise, it’s pretty cool.

    Mike AKA Proof – It’s like Airwolf without the missiles.

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