This Story Will Need A Translator

A Melbourne, Australia man has been arrested after he struck a man with a didgeridoo during an Australian Rules Football game.

A 26-year-old man has been arrested and accused of attacking a man with a didgeridoo after an AFL game in Melbourne on Saturday night.

Yeah, I have no idea what a didgeridoo is, but is sounds dirty.

Police arrested Jesse Gardiner at Sylvia Street, Dandenong North in Melbourne’s south-east, on Wednesday morning. It’s alleged Gardiner struck a 25-year-old Essendon man with a digeridoo outside the MCG after the Dreamtime AFL game about 10.40pm.

I don’t think I know any of the words above, with the possible exception of “Wednesday.”

The victim, Daniel, suffered a fractured skull, broken nose and bloodied eye.

Gardiner was charged with “affray”… okay, I’m done. Sorry, but I don’t speak Foster’s Lager.

6 thoughts on “This Story Will Need A Translator

  1. Wow! So I had to look this up and a didgeridoo is a musical wind instrument anywhere from 3 to 10 feet long with most averaging around 4 feet. Looks like a fancy club and can do some serious damage from the photos of the guy in the hospital.


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