Feel-Good Friday

Well, this isn’t your regular Feel-Good Friday, mostly because it centers around Princess P.

You see, her elementary school’s talent show took place yesterday, and Julia wanted to show off her guitar talents. For those who don’t know, Princess P learned to play guitar online. There are a few really great sites which will help people become more adapt at musical instruments.

In the past few months Julia went from novice to really good. She practices every day in her room, then plays for me when she feels like she has the song down.

So when the talent show came around, Julia wanted to play the guitar, and then decided she would try to sing while playing the guitar. Julia never sang in front of a crowd before, and I think she was a little nervous.

Julia walked onto the stage, stood before the entire school, and played “How You Remind Me” by Nickelback.

Mrs. Earp was able to attend, and was good enough to tape her performance. You can see it below.

The talent show was held in the gymnasium, so it may be a little hard to hear. It sounded much better on my cellphone.

I thought she was spectacular, and I have never been more proud of her. Not just for playing in front of a crowd, but for having the courage to stand in front of more than a hundred spectators.

16 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. She did a great job with both her playing and singing!! As a former music major in college, your daughter has a lot of potential if she goes into the music field.


  2. Ronni – Thank you. I saw Julia before I left for work and she said she was so nervous she wasn’t able to pluck the strings beforehand.

    TXNick – Thanks. I’m so proud of her. It took a lot of confidence to get on that stage after teaching herself to play the guitar and to sing when she never did before.


  3. Probably asking way too much, but you should record her doing it again at home where there’s no background noise. I know one thing, I couldn’t go up on stage and play a guitar and sing in front of a bunch of people. She did a great job. You and Mrs Earp have such great kids!


  4. RG – Probably not soon, but I will ask her. She’s still recovering from the talent show.

    Rudy – Thank you. Between band practice – drums – and guitar, she spends a lot of her days practicing.


    1. My coworker – AKA Salma Hayek – is sprucing up the office for us and asked if Julia could make a painting we can hand in the division. She’s going to try to work on it this week.


  5. Confidence. Keep teaching her self confidence and to be herself. Too many girls go along with the in thing and they get hurt because they don’t say this is wrong or this is dangerous or this is stupid.


  6. You are the truly blessed with an amazing child. One of my boys is left handed. He taught himself to play guitar right handed. Children are amazing.


  7. RD – She stays away from the “popular kids.” She has a lot of friends, but she doesn’t go for cliques.

    Evan – Thanks. I am also a lefty, but all my kids are right-handed.


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