New York Has A Sanitizer Problem

Former New York governor and current sexual harasser Andrew Cuomo apparently over-bought hand sanitizer during the Chinese Wuhan Virus pandemic. In fact, the state is sitting on 700,000 gallons of hand sanitizer which has never been used.

In the wake of COVID-19’s worst assault on New York, the state was left with more than 700,000 gallons of unused NYS Clean hand sanitizer, sprawled out on a runway at a state training facility near Utica.

And now, officials have to figure out how to dispose of it all.

I have a few ideas…

1. Remove the water from water slides and replace it with hand sanitizer.
2. Send it to the multitude of strip clubs in the state… for obvious reasons.
3. Use it to cover the Statue of Liberty, thereby making her immune to dirt and grime.

Millions of bottles were produced by the state, in response to a shortage of hand sanitizer early in the pandemic. The ones that went unused now sit on pallets under the sun at a state preparedness training center in Oriskany, Oneida County, covered in blue tarps, Politico reported last month.

I mean, if the sanitizer is just cooking in the sun, why not mix it in with the lunches at New York public schools? It’s not like the lunches could get any more appetizing.

7 thoughts on “New York Has A Sanitizer Problem

  1. Apparently NY is bad with numbers. As their debt keeps rising they have $4.3 million just sitting there soaking up the sun in those gallon bottles.


  2. Maybe they can just use it to sanitize the drag queens it might wash some sanity back into them that or work like holy water and melt them


  3. Use it on NY politicians, they’re the slimiest in the country.
    No dirtier than Chicago or Mississippi, just slimier.
    Like Schumer for instance.

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