Justin Credible

Meet Justin Horne of Flori-Duh.

Justin was visiting the local Walmart, and while he was shopping, he decided to steal some cigarettes. Now you may think such a brilliant, Adonis like Justin would know better than stealing, but you would be wrong.

A man who was trespassed from a Walmart in Palm Bay last week for attempting to steal a pack of cigarettes was arrested Thursday after leaving behind an illegal firearm.

Justin Horne, 35, a homeless resident of Palm Bay, was trespassed on June 13 because the value of the attempted theft did not initially warrant a law enforcement response, police said.

One would also think this MENSA member would remember to recover his backpack…

Walmart employees later noticed the bag and collected it, observing what they told police appeared to be two firearms inside. A responding officer said the two weapons were a pepper spray pistol and a Harrington & Richardson Model 88 shotgun with no stock and “a majority of the barrel sawed off,” as well as no visible serial number, according to the report.

So this dumbass was effectively cleared of the trespass charge until the Walmart employees found the shotgun, which was sawed off, and the serial number was obliterated.

The good news? Justin is no longer homeless, since he will be spending his days in federal prison.

4 thoughts on “Justin Credible

  1. Aw, give the poor guy a break. With Bidenflation, don’t you think pepper spray and a sawed off are worth a pack of smokes? The schmuck was just trying to barter!


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