A Most Egregious Crime

Meet John Earl Taylor of Florida. John is just trying to make a living in this crazy world, so when he asked someone if he could buy him Wendy’s chicken nuggets, and the person declined, he lost his feathers.

According to the suspect’s arrest report, the victim was getting out of his car when he was approached by John Earl Taylor, 34, who asked him if he could buy him chicken nuggets.

Police said the victim told Taylor that he only had enough money for himself and proceeded to enter the Wendy’s. As he was leaving, Taylor approached him again, this time pointing a semi-automatic gun with an extended magazine at him.

My son Erik absolutely loves Wendy’s chicken nuggets, and he would probably have fought this high-headed dude to the death.

Police said Taylor then demanded the victim hand over his gold chain and car key. Taylor then got into the victim’s car and took off.

So… assault, robbery, carjacking, the giant forehead, and theft of delicious chicken nuggets. If I were on the jury, I would suggest the electric chair.

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