Ukraine Women Supporting Their Army

A gaggle of gorgeous Ukrainian gals are trying to do their part to raise money for Ukraine’s armed forces. Their fundraiser is not something you would usually see on a GoFundMe, but it’s working nonetheless.

A group of Ukrainian women have started selling lewd photos of themselves online in an effort to raise money for the war against Russia.

I heartily endorse this event or product.

Under the banner of the “TerOnlyFans” project, a collection of Ukrainians ended up netting more than £620,000 for their military, raising funds for the nation as they continue to fight off Russian forces.

A total of 38 “movement participants” were featured on the official website, which offers nude photos in exchange for donations to Ukrainian charities.

Despite some people’s distaste for such a project, I think this is a great idea. If they raised more than $600,000 already, they’re definitely doing a good thing, in my opinion.

7 thoughts on “Ukraine Women Supporting Their Army

  1. Back when I was protecting and serving an ungrateful nation, another agent in my unit had an Eastern Europe OC case involving human trafficking. The victims, and therefore the witnesses, were all Ukrainian strippers, and I helped him interview and process a few of them. They were the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. These women will make tons of money. Whether it actually goes to the war effort is another story. Six months ago, before Ukraine became a plucky little underdog, it was the most corrupt country in Europe.


  2. Old 1811 – There are many Ukrainians in my neighborhood. Nearly every one of them are fabulous babes. It’s nice to be living here.

    Mark – Yeah, they’re just gorgeous. It’s why I want to see Slovakia, where my maternal grandparents emigrated from. I hear the women there are crazy hot.


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