LA Times Is Afraid Of Blacks Owning Guns

A Los Angeles Times opinion writer made an ass out of herself after she posted an article about African-Americans legally purchasing guns. The woman wondered if California “was ready” for blacks to legally own firearms. But yes, remind me how conservatives are the racists.

A Los Angeles Times opinion column on Monday asked whether California is “ready for more Black people to legally carry guns in public” after last week’s Supreme Court decision striking down New York concealed carry restrictions.

Columnist Erika Smith interviewed the Bay Area Black Gun Owners Association chapter leader Nathan Jones…

The headline this stupid bint used was both humiliating and condescending to black gun owners.

Is California ready for more Black people to legally carry guns in public?

I don’t know about you, Erika, but I’m fine with it. Actually, I’m not just fine with it, but I would also suggest people of all colors and nationalities to legally purchase a firearm. The country is getting more violent every day, and Soros-installed DA’s are doing nothing to protect you and your family.

My word, the media in this country is an absolute joke.

7 thoughts on “LA Times Is Afraid Of Blacks Owning Guns

  1. I recently went to a nearby gun store/range to do some shooting. When I entered, the guy at the counter was filling out a 4473. The buyer standing before him was young, female, and black. On the range next to me was a couple shooting an Austrian lung-blower-outer and a 9mm carbine. They were black. In the parking lot, I had a conversation with the male half of the couple regarding the carbine. Oddly enough, we had a pleasant conversation and I was not filled with dread at the sight of two (three if you count the buyer) black people exercising their rights. (But then, I’m not in California. Everything is different there.)


  2. Of course, they are afraid if they can’t keep them scared and dependent on the Dems. then they are no longer useful as tokens. You get a gun to protect yourself, then you start thinking for yourself, then you notice all the crime that is being ignored and then you vote Republican. It’s a slippery slope.


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