Feel-Good Friday

A retired kindergarten teacher received the surprise of a lifetime when her last kindergarten class showed up during their grade school graduation.

Mrs. Hamilton retired from her job as a teacher years ago, but it’s clear she made a big impact as an educator.

When her last class of Kindergarten students were all grown up and ready to graduate cap-and-gown, Hamilton’s daughter Kim organized for them to throw a surprise that racked up 3.2 million views on TikTok.

Just an amazing gesture for a dedicated schoolteacher.

“Hey! Congratulations. That’s cool,” the teacher said when she spotted a former student from her porch. “What’s going on?” The one student quickly became a dozen, as they emerged from bushes, behind obstacles, and all approached their first school teacher.

“Oh my gosh. Did you know this was happening?” she asked her daughter, who was recording. “Oh my gosh, I love you all. Oh my gosh, you’re all just gorgeous.”

If nothing else, Mrs. Hamilton will never ever forget this special moment.

You can see the video at the link.

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