Here Are Julia’s Recital Performances

So I mentioned Princess P’s recital last week, where she did a tap dance number and a lyrical dance. Julia did both performances Thursday night, then lyrical on Friday night, and tap again on Saturday night. Mrs. Earp got both performances on tape – relax we already bought the DVD for the recitals.

I know weekends aren’t big draws for readers, but I figured you may want to see the Princess dancing. She did very well…

I placed the tap dancing first, despite the fact lyrical was her first performance. It’s easier to see Princess P in this one, since it was just her and Ricky. She smiled more at Saturday’s dance.

The lyrical dance is a little more difficult to see her, but she is on the right side of the stage near the beginning. She’s standing behind the girls kneeling.

As always, I am very proud of her.

8 thoughts on “Here Are Julia’s Recital Performances

    1. She loves tap, and the kid who dances with her also loves it. She didn’t smile as much the first time, but the last time – it was three days – she seemed much more comfortable.


  1. Somehow I missed a few posts. At least I went back and found this one. Very nicely done. She sure is talented. Congrats on a great performance. Congrats to mom and dad for being great parents.


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