This Was The Droid He Was Looking For

Meet David Proudfoot of Kissimmee, Flori-Duh. David decided to pose as a Walt Disney World employee before stealing an R2-D2 droid. Proudfoot believed his theft would show the security problems at Disney, and hoped he would be hired after the theft.

A Central Florida man was arrested after deputies said he posed as a Walt Disney World cast member and took a “Star Wars” R2-D2 droid, in the hopes that Disney’s security would hire him. David Proudfoot, 44, of Kissimmee, is facing a grand theft charge and a charge of obstruction by false information.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says on May 31, deputies were called to the Swan Reserve Hotel by Disney security. When they arrived, they made contact with Proudfoot, who they say was wearing beige work pants, an orange work vest, and a Disney nametag. He reportedly identified himself as David Rodgers at first and said he worked in the receiving division of the Yacht Club Resort.

If I’m going to be brutally honest, I’m all in for people who want to sabotage anything and everything Disney. Considering their despicable “values,” the entire place could go bankrupt for all I care.

Proudfoot reportedly admitted to moving the R2-D2 droid from the third floor of the hotel to an “unknown location” and a game machine because he had an application for a security job pending at Walt Disney World and wanted to “show weaknesses in the security of the resorts in the hope of securing a better paying job at WDW,” the report states.

Proudfoot is a genius, and he should be hired immediately by a Fortune 500 company, post haste!

10 thoughts on “This Was The Droid He Was Looking For

  1. Lord, with that last name, pretty sure he’s Seminole, which makes me a bit embarrassed to say my bio father is from that tribe. This idiot is probably a cousin…


  2. If you are going to steal a droid steal C-3PO, everyone knows that R2 will down right mess you up. In some of the books and comics R2 has a higher body count than Rambo.


  3. Wasn’t that the plot of a few movies?
    I think one of the Die Hards had that as a backstory on the bad guy.
    So he used a movie plot to steal a movie prop from Disney.
    He should have worn a Hamburgler costume to round it out.


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