Pennsylvania Man Should Stay On Land

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he was trespassing in Allentown’s Canal Park. When the man, identified as Pablo Acevedo-Santiago, saw police he fled the scene and jumped into the canal.

Allentown officers spotted an unoccupied car in Canal Park around 1 a.m. Friday, said Allentown police in a news release.

A man and woman then came walking out from the woods, and the man took off on foot, police said. He jumped into the canal, but started struggling, police said.

Wow, you’d think a Spanish guy would know how to swim, amirite? Kidding, kidding, it’s a joke.

Three officers jumped in the water to pull the man to shore and save him from drowning. Officer Phil Shedaker, Officer Patrick Bull and Sgt. Scott Snyder “should be commended for their response in saving a man’s life,” the chief said.

The story doesn’t mention why this moron ran from police, or why he gave the cops a fake ID.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Man Should Stay On Land

  1. Can’t figure out why the officers were commended and not fired on the spot for assaulting the guy. I thought that was the norm these days. Oh well.

    Everyone have a great day celebrating our Independence Day tomorrow! I love America, the greatest country in the world. I stand for my flag and National Anthem too.

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