Now This Guy Is Flaming!

An unknown St. Petersburg, Flori-Duh man pulled up the the Uhuru House, pulled out a flamethrower, and burned the Pan-African flag before fleeing the scene. What the hell is going on in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg police are investigating after a person was caught on camera using a flamethrower to torch a Pan-African flag flying on a pole outside the headquarters of a Black international socialist group based in Florida.

You can see the video at the link. It’s wild.

Security video released by the Uhuru Movement showed the driver of a white sedan park outside the group’s St. Petersburg headquarters before they pulled a flamethrower from the car’s trunk.

The person then lights the flame and shoots a tower of fire at the flag flying roughly 30 feet above the ground. The group told the Associated Press the driver stopped when a worker inside the building yelled at him.

Why would this idiot stop after someone yelled at him? The guy is literally carrying a flamethrower; it’s not like anyone is going to get within a hundred feet of him.


6 thoughts on “Now This Guy Is Flaming!

  1. Flamethrowers are legal in every state except California. Of course, what you do with them may be proscribed…except, ironically, maybe in California.

    2022 gives me migraines.


  2. Brother Tim – California is always a crap shoot, and their politicians are always crap.

    Veeshir – Maybe they’ll fight to the death with flamethrowers?


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